Why TSS Photography Loves Recruiting U.S. Military Veterans


At TSS Photography, we’re proud to be protected by the men and women serving in the armed forces. We believe it is not only our duty but also our pleasure to actively recruit those men and women, called veterans when their time in the military comes to an end.

We believe our nation’s veterans are equipped to excel when they purchase a sports photography franchise. As we prepared for Memorial Day–and as a reflection of our everyday beliefs–we talked with staff members who work with veterans each day to learn more about their interactions.

Meet Mary Mills

In Mary’s role as the franchise and customer development specialist, she works with new, incoming franchise owners. She is excited when she learns prospective franchisees are veterans.

“Veterans do their homework when they are seeking a new venture,” Mary said. “So, when I speak with them for the first time they are prepared with an extensive list of questions. It makes for a very productive call with me.”

Red, White, and Blue graphic explaining why TSS Photography employee loves working with veterans

Say Hello to Bo Lewis

It’s a special thing for Bo Lewis to get to work with other former military men and women. As franchisees, his colleagues are serving our country in a new capacity, but always carry their experiences with them.

“There is a bond between veterans regardless of branch served, rank obtained, or even if we personally know one another,” Bo said. We have a unique union which is only known by those who served with honor within our fighting forces. It is the bond that draws me to strongly supporting veterans now within the TSS Photography Franchise family.”

Red, White and Blue graphic explaining why TSS Photography employee loves working with veterans

Get to Know Carol Sneed

As a part of the marketing department, Carol Sneed works with many of the franchise owners. She’s proud of the efforts TSS Photography makes to recruit veterans.

“TSS Photography offers a discount to veterans on their franchise fee,” Carol said. “I feel that is a great way of thanking people who have served their country. TSS Photography attends military job fairs to talk to people about how they can be their own boss and have fun while doing it. Their disciplined background prepares them to be a business owner.”

Red, White, and Blue graphics showing why TSS Photography employee loves working with veterans

Learn More About the Veterans Who Own TSS Photography Franchises

While everyone at TSS Photography is proud to work with veterans, the veterans are also proud to own TSS Photography franchises. You can read more about why veterans choose to buy a sports photography franchise, about why two men chose to plant their flag with TSS Photography, or read why Franchise Business Review named TSS a Top Franchise for Veterans.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this unique relationship, download the virtual brochure today for more information.