Launch a New Career in Photography

Whether photography is a hobby that you want to turn into a source of income or you have zero photography experience but are looking for a new business opportunity, becoming a TSS Photography franchisee could be the foundation for your successful future.

Partner with TSS Photography as a franchisee and immediately you benefit from brand recognition and a proven business model that come from more than 30 years of experience.

Work from home

You don’t need a storefront, studio or commercial office space in order to run a successful and profitable photography business. TSS franchisees work from home, generate excellent revenue with low overhead, and produce a great product for their clients.

Get your business off the ground quickly

TSS offers comprehensive photography training, including online, classroom and in-the-field sessions designed to give you the knowledge and technical skill required to produce a high quality product for your clients. Learn about how to conduct a well-executed photo shoot for children and adults in a variety of settings. Know your equipment and how to maximize its effectiveness. And, have a great time working with your subjects.

Receive ongoing support

TSS Photography has more than three decades of experience in developing and fine-tuning the business practices and marketing messages that get results. And, you get access to our knowledge and our collection of materials, like marketing brochures, samples, presentation portfolios and other collateral.

See Franchise Opportunities

“I have been a hobbyist photographer for years but never was able to compete on a higher level, TSS offered technology, products and services that allowed me to go up against the “big dogs” and sign schools and leagues I could never get on my own.”