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TSS Photography training on site

TSS offers many opportunities throughout the year for both training and continuing education. You can learn best photography practices while interacting with other owners at events like our annual convention, winter conferences, webinars and more. We also offer several training courses, including:

In-Field Sales Training (3-4 Days)

A TSS Business Trainer travels to your location for 3-4 days to help set up your business by:

  • Identifying Sales Opportunities
  • Assisting With Sales Calls
  • Setting Up Your Office
  • Analyzing Your Market and Local Competition
  • Locate Key Sources of Decision Makers
  • Installation and Training of TSS Proprietary Order Entry and Business Management Software

Photo Ops Training (2 days)

One of our certified, professional photographers will give instruction in the following areas:

  • Use of Lenses
  • Camera Settings
  • Lighting and Shading Techniques
  • Posing Methods
  • Use of Photography Equipment
  • Picture Day Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Techniques
  • Staff Hiring and Development

In-field Picture Day Training (3 days)

A TSS professional will be there to help you prepare, execute and wrap up your first big picture day so that you can put all you’ve learned in your photo ops training into action

TSS University (TSSU) (typically 4 days & provided once per quarter)

TSS University is an advanced training session that is designed to help you grow and make the most of all the tools available to building a successful Photography Franchise. TSSU is suggested for all new franchisees as a follow-up to their initial training and is available as a refresher to any franchisee who is ready for growth! TSSU offers:

  • Advanced Sales and Marketing Techniques
  • Order Processing Session
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Photography Training
  • Picture Day Follow Up Process
  • Customer Service Forum
  • Business Development
  • Digital Asset Utilization
  • Unique Chance To Meet Fellow Franchisees
  • Work with a veteran Franchisee Mentor

Annual Convention & Regional Meetings (These meetings last from 1-3 days)

Annual Convention & Regional Meetings

TSS offers 1-4 meetings per year in rotating locations where staff & franchisees conduct training on the newest offerings, techniques and ideas. This is a valuable time for franchisees to come together to share information and to talk with staff about what works for them and what they need. And we have some occasional fun too!!!

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Our franchise community has always been very supportive, sharing tips, suggestions for how to handle various situations, training, etc. Being an active member of our franchise community is invaluable.

I feel there is a good, strong core franchise community especially amongst the Facebook page users and those who frequent the conferences. It’s great to be able to reach out to them at midnight when needed.

They continue to fine tune and tweak our processes (i.e. green screen shooting, or outdoor lighting) to help us achieve the best possible quality images.

Victoria Schafer
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