The Female Entrepreneurs of TSS Photography

On this International Women’s Day, TSS Photography is proud to celebrate the women in our network. We see how hard you work on and off the job. We appreciate your passion and commitment to your business and to our TSS network. Read what a few of our female owners had to say about being entrepreneurs and business owners.

Being a Female Business Owner- Lori, TSS Photography in Illinois

“I would definitely encourage women to start their own business.  Thirty-two years ago, I started my very small, part-time business.  Today, it is my full-time passion (not a job).  I absolutely still love what I do, and I continue to learn new things and grow every day.  What an empowering feeling to know that as a woman, we can achieve anything!”

I’m lucky in that I don’t feel I’ve had too many challenges as a female entrepreneur.  One of the most difficult challenges for me was learning to balance work and family life.   I am blessed to have family that supports our business and my passion.

I feel that being female in a photography business is advantageous because of our innate ability to nurture.  We often work with very young children, and many times they just seem to be more comfortable working with female team members.”

Navigating business challenges and recognition as a female-lead business- Rachel, TSS Photography in Florida

Rachel shared that she felt challenged being heard by sports leagues, which is an industry sometimes dominated by men. Fortunately, she has found success in the concept of women supporting women. Many leagues and schools that she services are now run by women who like to do business with other women. In many cases, they specifically recognize and appreciate her organization and communication skills.

In recent years, female business owners have been celebrated and are eligible for opportunities in their city, state or industry reserved for female-lead businesses based on their achievements. Rachel’s advice to someone, specifically women, who are interested in starting their own business, is to seek out these awards, recognitions and certificates for women-owned business that sometimes go unnoticed.

The Current State of Women in Business

According to, 40% of US businesses are women-owned and generate $1.8 trillion a year for our economy. For all the advances for women in the workforce, we know that women still struggle with opportunities, especially when it comes to work-life balance. This struggle has been highlighted by the challenges faced during the pandemic. According to the Center for American Progress, by September 2020 four times as many women left the workforce in comparison to men to care for children and other dependents during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a devastating blow in the progress of women obtaining equality in the working world.

TSS Photography -Offering Opportunities to Women 

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #ChoosetoChallenge. In short, this is a challenge to take action to raise awareness against bias and to act for gender equality. TSS Photography Supports women and hopes that more consider becoming business owners themselves.

Alison Counts, Marketing Director for TSS Photography said “We know that in particular, when women look for a business opportunity, they are often looking for something that will give them flexibility and allow for work-life balance. TSS Photography is a perfect fit for this because it is home-based, and the owners work as much or as little as they would like.”

Learn More About How TSS Photography Supports Female Franchisees

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